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Reaper|Octiper ~ Overwatch (Amigurumi) by OnlyIfItsFluffy Reaper|Octiper ~ Overwatch (Amigurumi) :icononlyifitsfluffy:OnlyIfItsFluffy 2 2 Cute Predator|Aliens vs. Predator ~ (Commission) by OnlyIfItsFluffy Cute Predator|Aliens vs. Predator ~ (Commission) :icononlyifitsfluffy:OnlyIfItsFluffy 4 0 Michael Myers|Halloween Movie ~ (Amigurumi) by OnlyIfItsFluffy Michael Myers|Halloween Movie ~ (Amigurumi) :icononlyifitsfluffy:OnlyIfItsFluffy 4 0 D.Va|Octi.Va ~ Overwatch (Amigurumi) by OnlyIfItsFluffy D.Va|Octi.Va ~ Overwatch (Amigurumi) :icononlyifitsfluffy:OnlyIfItsFluffy 9 0 Junkrat|Octorat ~ Overwatch (Amigurumi) by OnlyIfItsFluffy Junkrat|Octorat ~ Overwatch (Amigurumi) :icononlyifitsfluffy:OnlyIfItsFluffy 15 0 Markiplier and Tiny Box Tim|(Amigurumi)(Sale Link) by OnlyIfItsFluffy Markiplier and Tiny Box Tim|(Amigurumi)(Sale Link) :icononlyifitsfluffy:OnlyIfItsFluffy 35 5 Markiplier - New Year 2017 ~ Year of The Rooster by OnlyIfItsFluffy Markiplier - New Year 2017 ~ Year of The Rooster :icononlyifitsfluffy:OnlyIfItsFluffy 16 3 Umbreon | Pokemon ~ (Amigurumi) (Sale Link) by OnlyIfItsFluffy Umbreon | Pokemon ~ (Amigurumi) (Sale Link) :icononlyifitsfluffy:OnlyIfItsFluffy 10 7 Dratini|Pokemon ~ (Amigurumi) (Buy Link!!!) by OnlyIfItsFluffy Dratini|Pokemon ~ (Amigurumi) (Buy Link!!!) :icononlyifitsfluffy:OnlyIfItsFluffy 12 1 Mew | Pokemon (Amigurumi) (Buy Link!!!) by OnlyIfItsFluffy Mew | Pokemon (Amigurumi) (Buy Link!!!) :icononlyifitsfluffy:OnlyIfItsFluffy 10 4 Poliwag (Pokemon Amigurumi) by OnlyIfItsFluffy Poliwag (Pokemon Amigurumi) :icononlyifitsfluffy:OnlyIfItsFluffy 17 5 Shiny Breloom (Pokemon Amigurumi) by OnlyIfItsFluffy Shiny Breloom (Pokemon Amigurumi) :icononlyifitsfluffy:OnlyIfItsFluffy 15 1 Hanzo Shimada (Overwatch) by OnlyIfItsFluffy Hanzo Shimada (Overwatch) :icononlyifitsfluffy:OnlyIfItsFluffy 3 2 Kiss Under The Mistletoe|Dragon Age Inquisition by OnlyIfItsFluffy Kiss Under The Mistletoe|Dragon Age Inquisition :icononlyifitsfluffy:OnlyIfItsFluffy 4 1 Majin Vegeta|Wearing A Kimono (Commission) by OnlyIfItsFluffy Majin Vegeta|Wearing A Kimono (Commission) :icononlyifitsfluffy:OnlyIfItsFluffy 3 5 Bibly The Cutest Terror|DragonBall OC (Commission) by OnlyIfItsFluffy Bibly The Cutest Terror|DragonBall OC (Commission) :icononlyifitsfluffy:OnlyIfItsFluffy 4 2



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Prestigious Pieces
Artist | Hobbyist | Artisan Crafts
Not much to say about me, I am the Creative Designer of my Store Prestigious Pieces. Hopefully you'll all enjoy what I have to offer! :heart:

Plushie/Crochet/Amigurumi Commissions: OPEN (Please Consult the Journal Entry on Commissions before making a request)
Art Trades: OPEN
Drawing Commissions: (Please Consult the Journal Entry on Commissions before making a request)

Which Overwatch Octo Plushie Next?(No I haven't forgotten about Lapras) 

1 deviant said Hanzo
1 deviant said Mercy(That headpiece would annoy me)
No deviants said Genji(Comment whether his young skin or default otherwise young will be picked)
No deviants said Mei
No deviants said Bastion?(How the Hell would he even become an Octo???)
No deviants said Tracer
No deviants said Ana
No deviants said Soldier: 76
Soot Sprite by kakarotcakes

So I've been lazy for far too long and haven't posted this, but now I finally will!
 I only accept paypal payments, and only accept payment after the work is done.
But you won't get to see it until I have been paid in full.
I don't do refunds so please browse my gallery before making a commission because I can't change my art style.


Full Body

Vegeta ~ Sexy Hunting (Commission) by OnlyIfItsFluffy

Without Shading
With Shading and Detail  $35


Waist Up

Dragon Ball Z|Attack on Saiyan by OnlyIfItsFluffy

Without Shading
With Shading and Detail  $30 



 Vegeta|Smile B**** (Crossover) by OnlyIfItsFluffy

Without Shading  $15
With Shading and Detail  $20



SSJ4 Vegeta by OnlyIfItsFluffy

$10 for all sketches



Geta-Lineart by OnlyIfItsFluffy
$10 for all Lineart


Any additional characters to any of these options will add an extra $5(If unshaded) and an extra $10(If shaded)
And simply an extra $5 for sketches and Linearts

What I Will and Will Not draw:

Will draw:
Checkmark Humans
Checkmark Game Characters
Checkmark Anime Characters/Oc's
Checkmark Male and Female characters
Checkmark Couples
Checkmark NSFW-Depending on what you ask for. Example: 

Mature Content

Vegeta|Dusty A$$ Boots And A Ten Gallon Hat by OnlyIfItsFluffy

Checkmark Yaoi/Yuri(Same sex couples) Example: Birthday Yaoi (colored) by OnlyIfItsFluffy
Checkmark Gender-bends. Example: 

Mature Content

Vegeta|Sexy Swimwear (Genderbend) by OnlyIfItsFluffy


Will Not draw:

X Realism
X Animals
X Scenery
X Sex

Please take into account that I have an online shop and have orders to fulfill so it may delay your commission.
Don't claim ownership of my art!
Do not sell the finished product!
You DO NOT have permission to post my NSFW works on any other site if you commission one, credited or not! But you can share the censored version!

Soot Sprite by kakarotcakes
  • Listening to: Five Finger Death Punch - The Pride
  • Drinking: Coffee
Soot Sprite by kakarotcakes

Okay there are a few things I would like to make known before I even get started on what I make and etc.
1. If you commission me to make you a crochet item, be aware that: 
"You will be paying a small 'Fee' upfront and will not receive a refund if you don't like the item, which means you still have to pay the full price for the item you commissioned regardless of whether you still want it!"
Because it's not like a drawing, I can't just Ctrl+z and magically what you don't like will be removed, I would have already used the materials and you will be paying for that because my yarn isn't cheap as it is premium quality so it's more durable and looks a lot better.

2. I own and manage my own online store on Etsy (PrestigiousPieces) where I sell all my items, so if you commission me for something here, please be aware that you're request might have to be shelved for a while as I have an obligation to fulfill the orders of the customers that have already paid for an item. For this I apologize but it would be poor business etiquette if I moved on to another project while their order remained open.

3. I am not a miracle worker, I'm still fairly new to this, there are still many stitches I don't know how to do, and techniques & etc. but I have a portfolio of the things I have made compiled if you would like to see what it is exactly I am capable of.…

4. Quoting a price for my work is fairly difficult for me mainly because when I crochet, the item can either be the size that I want or it can turn out to be a lot larger than I want it to be, so you need to be explicitly specific about what size you want so I can do my best to make it the size you want. Also crocheting take a lot of time for me even when life isn't harassing me giving me no time to work whatsoever because I am a University Student. So also keep in mind that your commission could take up to a month to complete.

Also if you are going to request a plushie from a movie/game/etc. you will be asked to provide pictures, and as many full body pictures as you have and/or can find, I will obviously do my own searching, it would just make my job easier.

All plushies made with this Base:
Look At Those Lovely Saiyan Locks by OnlyIfItsFluffy
Are $25 and they are just about 8" - (Price 'Will Vary' depending on the materials used)


All plushies made with this Base:
Final Form Frieza ~ Amigurumi (Commission) by OnlyIfItsFluffy
Are $7.50 and are about 3" - (Price 'Will Not' change for this item)


All Bracelets/Cuffs:
Saiyan Royal Crest|Cuff/Bracelet by OnlyIfItsFluffy Goku Kanji Symbol|Bracelet/Cuff by OnlyIfItsFluffy Vegeta's Whis Symbol ~ Majin Emblem|Bracelet Cuff by OnlyIfItsFluffy
Are $7.50 - (No matter what size wrist I make these for the Price 'Will Not' change)


Having said that though I'm pretty much open to make anything (within reason of course)
"And No I Do Not Sell Patterns For My Work!"
"And Paypal Is The Only Payment Method I accept!"

Soot Sprite by kakarotcakes
  • Listening to: Thousand Foot Krutch - Untraveled Road
  • Eating: Fancy Cheese
  • Drinking: Coffee


I finished making a Quaggan from Guild Wars 2 but haven't uploaded it yet, I have also made Mei from Overwatch but haven't uploaded it, and I'm currently making Bendy BatIM - 'No' Bendy , from the game Bendy and the ink Machine Bendy And The Ink Machine - Bendy Jig , also after that I will be making a pirate Quaggan outfit...*deep breath* so I have been busy, and am not actually on DA at all for a while so thank you for your patience and I will upload something soon I swear Angry Bendy icon- F2U 
Bendy- <~ Bendy

Edit: I also made Link from Breath of the Wild ages, ago and have yet to upload that as well >_>
I am so done with the Julie McKendrick at this point...
Angry doesn't begin to cover it anymore, I make Dragonball plushies and I sell them...get over it. You have people selling the official dragon ball plushies and they don't bat an eye at them. But no the people who make the plushies look like their characters get hit...yeah because that logic makes sense.

"Listing deactivated for alleged infringement. 
Do not reactivate this listing (unless you’ve resolved the issue with the appropriate party)."
Finishing an old plushie I said I would last year...wish me luck =P (Razz) 
Umbreon has won the poll with Lapras at a close second! Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-06 (Kawaii Dance) [V1] 
So if I don't go blind working with black yarn we should see a lapras afterwards unless I find some more pokemon to crochet Neko Emoji-28 (Yay sho happy) [V2] 

Suggestions would be lovely but keep in mind I need to be able to market them because I don't have the time to waste on making plushies for fun Purple Guy Sad Icon 


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